Community Education

We have developed and make available a variety of community education programs (previously known collectively as PACT360). If you have questions about the materials or implementing a program in your community, please contact us.

Programs are detailed below. In order to access and download materials, please complete a brief request form >>

Available Programs

Engages parents through its signature presentation Parents: You Matter, which provides valuable insights as to why kids use, how parents can start an important dialogue about the dangers of substance use and what steps to take if a child may be using. It underscores the need for parents to first educate themselves in order to be a go-to source for trusted information when their children have questions about drugs or alcohol.

Challenges concerned citizens to educate themselves about the dangers of methamphetamine in order to help stop the spread of this damaging and dangerous drug in their communities. Audiences learn about all aspects of meth from experts with diverse perspectives on the issue – a true “360-degree” view.

Engages Spanish-speaking parents and caregivers in order to better understand, prevent, and if necessary, address a child’s problems with drugs or alcohol. Designed specifically to educate parents of Hispanic teenagers.

This program mirrors Meth360, but is designed to reflect the unique needs of Hispanics in the United States, providing Latino communities with the resources and information to protect their children from the dangers of methamphetamine.