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Call 1.855.378.4373 to schedule a call time with a specialist

    Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

    What to expect

    Who leads these support groups?

    The meetings are facilitated by trained coaches who understand your challenges. These coaches are often parents themselves who have lived experience with substance use disorder and addiction within their families.

    Are these meetings confidential? leads these support groups?

    Yes. What is shared in the group stays there. You can expect an empathic, encouraging environment, and where coaches and participants come with a listening ear and share practical advice.

    For more about what to expect at our online addiction support group meetings for families, click here.

    How do I?

    1. How do I find the link to join the meeting?

    You simply click on the meeting you wish to attend and that will bring you to the meeting information so you can click on the JOIN button when the meeting is open, access topic materials and sign up for text meeting reminders if you wish.

    2. How can I download or print out topic materials?

    You can click on the meeting and find the link to obtain the materials. You are also welcome to click on other meetings (upcoming or in the past) to obtain links to topic materials that interest you.

    3. How do I sign up for text meeting reminders? Do the following:

    • Click on the meeting you want to receive the reminder for
    • Click Get a Reminder (on right side)
    • Enter your mobile number and press submit
    • You will immediately receive a code to enter to confirm your set up
    • Start receiving messages 1 hour before each occurrence of the meeting!

    If you wish to go to meetings on different days and times, you will need to do the simple sign-up for each different meeting you wish to attend.

    I need help!

    1. When I click on the Join Zoom Meeting button, nothing happens.

    The Join Zoom Meeting button only becomes active 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting begins. Once the button turns purple it is active and you will be able to join the meeting.

    2. When I click on the Join Zoom Meeting button, I’m taken to a registration page instead of the meeting.

    Please fill out the registration information to be let into the meeting. Registering will allow us to keep you informed if any unforeseen changes or cancellations to the meeting schedules are made. You will receive an email with the meeting’s Zoom link.>

    3. I’m having trouble getting Zoom to work on my phone.

    If you are using your smartphone to participate in OSC meetings, we strongly suggest you download the Zoom Mobile App. You can download the app for Apple and Android devices from the Zoom download center. For more guidance on how to use the app, please watch this support video from Zoom.

    4. I signed up for text reminders but am not receiving them.

    If you have previously enrolled in our Help & Hope messaging program and then decided to send STOP to stop receiving the messages, you will have to first send START to 55753 and then you can sign up for text message reminders.Otherwise, the text reminders will not work.

    5. I signed up for text messages under the Monday meeting. Will I only get reminders for the Monday meetings – or for other days and times too?

    No. You will only get reminders for the Monday meeting. If you attend the Monday and the Wednesday meeting, you will follow the simple sign-up process for both the Monday and the Wednesday meetings separately. The reminders will then be sent to you 15 min before each scheduled time for that meeting.

    6. I would like to DROP receiving the meeting reminders. What do I do?

    Please text the word DROP to 55753 or simply reply with DROP to the meeting reminder text message. If you do this, you will stop receiving reminders for the meeting(s) AND the daily Help & Hope messages (if you are also receiving those). To restart only the Help & Hope messages, you will need to text the word START to 55753 and you will begin receiving your Help & Hope messages again. Then, you will need to sign up for each meeting reminder you want to receive if you wish to receive reminders for any meetings.

    If you have other questions, comments or issues not addressed here, please reach out to us and you will receive prompt attention.

    Welcome to the Online Support Community!