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Timothy Su, M.A.

Chief Information Officer

Timothy Su brings a rare combination of clinical psychology training and over 30 years of IT experience to the organization. His leadership values and work ethics of excellence and integrity are evident in his work. In addition to his leadership in technology, he works with the executive team to advance the mission of the organization.

On the technology front, he has worked in IT across retail, small businesses, nonprofit, higher education and prestigious financial services firms like Merrill Lynch, Blackstone. These diverse experiences have shaped his unique thinking and approach toward the implementation and use of technology in a multitude of contexts.

Prior to joining Partnership to End Addiction, he worked as a therapist at one of the largest community counseling center in Singapore, taught psychology classes as an adjunct lecturer, and co-founded an award-winning counseling website for youth in Singapore. His experience and training in psychology have reinforced his belief that every human being matters.

Though Timothy has lived in New York City for the majority of his life, he also spent different parts of his life in Taiwan, Singapore, California, the Midwest and Scotland. He graduated from Hope College in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology and earned a master’s in clinical psychology from Wheaton College, Ill. He is a self-professed computer geek and an avid acoustic guitar player. If you get into a conversation with him about either of those two topics, there is a very good chance you might be late for your next meeting.