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Alexandra MacLean, M.A.

Senior Director

Alex MacLean directs clinical training and research operations on behalf of the FACTS (Family and Adolescent Clinical Technology and Science) team, working to develop and deliver training and technical assistance to behavioral health providers in family involvement in services and family-based recovery processes. Alex also co-directs the Inclan Clinical Training Academy in an effort to disseminate family-focused training curricula for providers.

Alex is a graduate of Fordham University and received her Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Pilot Trial of Online Measurement Training and Feedback in Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems

Competency Guidelines for Family Collaboration in Behavioral Health Services for Adolescents. Contemporary Family Therapy

Relationship-Oriented Recovery System for Youth (RORSY): Clinical Protocol for Transition-Age Youth with Opioid Use Disorders

Training Community Therapists in Core Elements of CBT and Family Therapy for Adolescent Externalizing Problems

Launching Relationship-Oriented Behavioral Services for Youth Opioid Use Disorder: Innovations in Medication Decision-Making and Adherence Planning

Therapist Self-Report of Fidelity to Core Elements of Family Therapy for Adolescent Behavior Problems: Psychometrics of a Pragmatic Quality Indicator Tool

Couple and family therapy for substance use disorders: Evidence‐based update 2010–2019l