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Research Reports

We regularly publish and distribute our research teams' findings and related recommendations.

CASAColumbia’s teen surveys have consistently found that the family is fundamental to keeping children away from tobacco, alcohol and illegal substances.
It is essential to educate the population on adolescent substance use, which is the largest public health problem in America today.
This survey aims to identify the situations, individual characteristics and social factors that are associated with teen substance use and addiction.
The increase in America’s prison population is due overwhelmingly to criminal activity linked to alcohol, other substance use and addiction.
Substance use and addiction costs federal, state and local governments and taxpayers in the U.S. billions of dollars each year.
Substance use by college students is a major issue in the United States, with consequences that extend into the surrounding communities.
The alcohol industry makes enormous revenue from underage and adult excessive drinkers, encumbering efforts to curb alcohol consumption in the U.S.
Girls and young women are more vulnerable to addiction than are boys and young men, especially during key transition periods in their lives.
Alcohol is the number one substance of choice among America’s teens, and underage drinking is a serious problem that can have deadly consequences.
Substance use in schools is an enormous problem in the United States, but there are steps parents, educators and policymakers can take to address the issue.
Our failure to prevent and treat addiction has adverse effects on state governments, taxpayers and those affected by substance use.
Addiction is not often treated within the scope of routine medical practice, with practitioners failing to diagnose and treat substance use disorder.