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    How I became the parent my son needed

    I felt like I was endlessly scrolling on my phone day after day for information, professionals, rehabs, facilities – anything about anyone who could possibly help us. It felt like our doctors and medical insurance were failing our son and us, his parents. We heard over and over, “If he won’t agree to rehab or therapy there’s nothing you can do.”

    Finally, I saw the heart symbol & the words, “Online Support Community for Parents and Caregivers” and CLICK. I think of that “click” I made on Partnership to End Addiction’s website as a light switch I found while stumbling in the dark. It shed light on a new path for our family that I will be forever grateful for.

    The website was easy to navigate. I clicked on Get Support, answered some questions and received texts with information. I joined an online support meeting where I immediately felt welcomed. The meeting facilitators were caring and so helpful. They provided reading resources, links for videos, information about individual coaching sessions and the helpline, all of which I took advantage of.

    I also heard the stories that other families shared and the support they were all giving each other was humbling and something I had never experienced. I have had two coaches – both were amazing, so empathetic, supportive and full of knowledge to share.

    Having the Partnership’s support over the past eight months has helped me be the kind of parent my son needs. I have gained so much strength and knowledge. This may seem simple but learning that self-care can be my saving grace while also providing the modeling my son needed, combined with practicing open, loving communication, has helped me to transform not only my relationship with my dear son but with everyone in my life.

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    November 2023

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