The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Joins Thousands in D.C. to UNITE to Face Addiction

UNITE to Face Addiction Rally- Marcia Lee Taylor and Claire Kelly- Partnership for Drug-Free KidsOn Sunday, October 4, we joined 25,000 individuals and advocacy organizations for the UNITE to Face Addiction Rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C. It was a powerful, historic gathering, organized by Facing Addiction, and a culmination of grassroots advocacy efforts to organize people, communities and organizations to face addiction and stand up for recovery. 

Through this first-of-its-kind event, we were able to collect more than 700 signatures, in support of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, (S.524/H.R.953) legislation that would increase addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services.

UNITE to Face Addiction- Denise Mariano and husband- Partnership for Drug-Free KidsWe also asked members of the crowd to share their personal stories of why they joined us that day and took a picture of their written responses, as part of the #howmanyfamilies photo campaign.

UNITE to Face Addiction- I Thought I Knew- Partnership for Drug-Free KidsOur “I Thought I Knew” video, a brief Partnership documentary by award-winning director and photographer Pamela Hanson, highlighting the true stories of people affected by substance abuse, was shown prior to the final act of the night and drew a roar of applause from the audience.

UNITE to Face Addiction- Advocacy Meeting with Senator Schumer's Office- Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

On the following day, October 5th, the Partnership and our volunteer families participated in an advocacy day with key members of the House and Senate to garner federal support for CARA. A total of nearly 5,000 petition signatures supporting CARA were hand-delivered to these Members of Congress.

In case you weren’t able to join these momentous events, visit our Facebook page to find out what else you missed.

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    Deborah Ferraro

    January 2, 2016 at 12:28 PM

    I have a 35 year old son who is addicted to oxydodone, morphine, etc. I filed a Marchment Act on him in September of this year, but he still has not been admitted to in-house intensive treatment. He is in out patient which does no good as he is still using. He gets picked up to go to detox for a few days and then the same things happens all over again. My frustration is that it takes too long for the process of this program. He could die before he gets a bed in rehab. We need to push harder for better legislation in speeding the process up and for building more facilities with beds for the addicted and mentally ill. I’ve written my legislature, mayor, attorney general and commissioner and nothing gets done. What do we need to do to make this happen? We live in Tampa, Florida and no one seems to really care about addiction or the mentally ill in this county. Please tell me..Thank you.

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    October 8, 2015 at 12:44 PM

    I think it’s important to understand that many deaths are caused by intentional overdose (suicide and murder) and not just ‘addiction’. Like when the girl says, “I would steal money from my parents or my friends would steal from theirs.” It’s not like they all have a ‘disease’ that makes them steal from their own parents – it’s just the drug culture. Similarly, they don’t have a ‘disease’ that makes them overdose. Think about it for a second – someone who steals stuff will be more likely to be depressed and will be more susceptible to bullying and threats. So that’s why they are more vulnerable to overdose and suicide. And oh – rehab is very dangerous. Many people die right after rehab, even though many people say, “Rehab saved my life!” LOL you don’t have to believe everything a drug addict tells you, even if they are in ‘recovery’.

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