The Partnership Collaborates With Hearst Television to Address Opioid Epidemic

    We are pleased to collaborate with Hearst Television on a year-long multi-platform news and investigative series, “State of Addiction,” examining the opioid epidemic ravaging communities across the country. The series will provide reports and analysis on many facets of the nation’s opioid problem, including how it began, government action, treatment and how it has impacted families across the U.S.

    Through our local state alliances, we will help Hearst stations develop relevant monthly stories and connect audiences to our tools and resources for families in need.

    Among the many elements of the project will be local televised specials followed by interactive Facebook Live sessions that connect viewers with advocates and counselors; online and social platform resources for audiences to seek information and advice; ongoing PSAs; investigative reports; a group-wide documentary featuring insights gathered throughout the country; and other efforts such as pill-collection initiatives in Hearst Television markets. Each month, in-depth reports will focus on different aspects of the crisis – from contributing factors such as sports injuries, to stories of recovery.

    Our President and CEO Marcia Lee Taylor said of the project, “As a result of the opioid epidemic, overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. There are families across the country scrambling to get help for a loved one struggling with substance use in a desperate attempt to ensure that their son or daughter is not the next statistic. All of us at the Partnership are grateful that the team at Hearst has committed to shed light on this epidemic and the resources that can help make a difference.”

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