New Strategic Partner for the Hispanic Community

    We are delighted to announce HispanoSano as a new, digital strategic partner to support our outreach to the Spanish-speaking community and help us provide resources to Hispanic parents and caregivers. Our collaborative efforts aim to heighten awareness of our Spanish-language resources that encourage Latino parents to play an active role in raising healthy families.

    HispanoSano is a bi-lingual, online health resource where Hispanic consumers can access relevant content that engages users in conversation by connecting them with others, and where information for overall better health and wellness is mutually shared. Supported by a core group of health leaders who offer expert advice, HispanoSano covers the topics that are most relevant to Hispanics and their well-being, including diabetes, cancer and obesity.

    HispanoSano will collaborate with us on creating additional, multi-faceted Spanish-language content that promotes healthy lifestyles among teens and families. the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids will host a permanent section under “Zona Sana,” (HealthZone) along with “featured articles” on the HispanoSano home page. Additionally, we will also contribute blog posts for their community section and our digital drug abuse prevention messages will be featured on their website.


    March 2011

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