Cincinnati Reds Bring Partnership Resources to Families in Ohio

Last week, the Cincinnati Reds, along with the Partnership and Interact for Health, co-hosted a stakeholder roundtable focused on leveraging our community expertise and family resources to address the opioid epidemic in Cincinnati.

We are committed to working with local communities and this roundtable served as an important first step in bringing forth a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders in the greater Cincinnati area. Together, we discussed challenges, shared knowledge and capitalized on opportunities to empower communities to respond to this critical health problem. Attendees also explored ways to best implement collective strategies that can have the greatest impact in greater Cincinnati area and other communities in Ohio.

Following the roundtable, Chief Operating Officer for Cincinnati Reds, Phillip Castellini, welcomed the stakeholders to enjoy the evening’s baseball game, where the Reds generously made the Partnership the charity of the game.

On the stadium’s Jumbotron, before and during the game, they featured our PSAs, our Parent Helpline (855-DRUG-FREE), our website and our text-to-pledge number for those who want to donate to the Partnership. Upon entry, fans in the stadium also received a printed card from the Partnership, highlighting our resources for how to get help for a loved one who is struggling with addiction.

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    Missy Hession

    September 27, 2017 at 5:36 PM

    Thank you to the Castellini family and Cincinnati Reds owners for making an impact financially and publicly on the opioid crisis facing us here in the US. I just hope more organizations will follow the Reds fine leadership.

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