Vending Machine in Colorado Dispenses Marijuana

A vending machine that dispenses marijuana will soon be open for business in Colorado, NPR reports. The machine is able to verify a customer’s age, according to its creators.

Customers can also purchase marijuana-infused snacks from the machine, which is called ZaZZZ. It is designed to be used by medical marijuana patients, and will be located in licensed stores.

Stephen Shearin of Tranzbyte, the parent company of American Green, which built the machine, said, “Your identity is confirmed against active biometrics.” The machine may help dispensary owners reduce employee theft, the article notes.

Several other companies, including MedBox, also have created marijuana vending machines, but so far they have been kept behind store counters, according to NPR.

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    April 18, 2014 at 1:53 PM

    Medical marijuana should be sold at a pharmacy just like other prescription medications. I have not heard of being able to get other prescrption medications at a vending machine at least not where I live in Minnesota.

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