Study Finds Juul Delivers More Nicotine Faster Than Most Other E-Cigarettes

juul e-cigarette

Juul e-cigarettes deliver more nicotine faster than most other types of e-cigarettes, according to a new study.

Researchers evaluated blood samples from six people who puffed on a Juul device every 20 seconds for 10 minutes, HealthDay reports. “The Juul users we studied obtained blood nicotine concentrations almost three times as high as most of the e-cigarette users we previously studied,” researcher Jessica Yingst said in a news release. “Juul’s nicotine delivery is very similar to that of cigarettes.”

Study co-author Jonathan Foulds noted that in previous studies, they found people who used e-cigarettes were less addicted than smokers. “However, the high nicotine delivery of the product and the scores on this study suggest that Juul is probably as addictive as cigarettes,” he said.

How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping [GUIDE]

Vaping’s popularity exploded seemingly overnight, and it took many parents and families by surprise. Vaping, or Juuling as it is often referred to by teens and young adults (named after a popular vape device called JUUL), is the inhaling and exhaling of an aerosol produced by using a vape device.


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