Some Kinds of Juul E-Liquids React to Form Irritating Chemicals: Study

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Some kinds of liquids used in Juul e-cigarettes react to form chemicals that can irritate people’s airways, a new study suggests.

These e-liquids form chemicals called acetals while they sit on store shelves, according to NPR. Acetals are chemicals that form when vanillin—a common compound used for vanilla flavoring—interacts with alcohols that carry the nicotine and flavors in e-cigarettes.

Researchers analyzed eight flavors of Juul e-liquids, which contain a different mixture of compounds than many other brands of e-liquids. They detected the presence of acetals in the crème brûlée flavor.

“People often assume that these e-liquids are a final product once they are mixed,” lead author Hanno Erythropel said in a news release. “But the reactions create new molecules in the e-liquids, and it doesn’t just happen in e-liquids from small vape shops, but also in those from the biggest manufacturers in the U.S.”

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