New Policy Bans Fraternity Members from Serving Hard Liquor at Events

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U.S. fraternity members will no longer be allowed to serve hard liquor at events, according to the North-American Interfraternity Conference, the umbrella organization for fraternities.

By September 1, 2019, fraternities will not be allowed to have hard alcohol at their events except when served by a licensed third-party vendor. Alcohol policies at fraternities are under scrutiny after widely publicized deaths related to heavy drinking during hazing rituals and frat-house parties, according to USA Today.

Jim Piazza, whose son Tim died in February 2017 after a night of hazing and drinking while pledging for a fraternity at Penn State, said the new alcohol policy is a good start. “It should make a meaningful difference,” he said. “There are other reforms they need to put into place, and there’s still work to do. But this is a beginning.”

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    September 6, 2018 at 3:39 PM

    There was a whole series on this issue a few years ago which leads me to be skeptical of this policy. What it will actually do is allow the national organization to throw the local chapters under the bus when something goes wrong. They’ll be able to say “our policy is no hard liquor” and protect the national organization from liability.

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