Momentum Builds Against Alcohol Energy Drinks

Four LokoThe onslaught of national attention to Alcohol Energy Drinks (AEDs), dubbed “blackout in a can” by many, continues to pick up steam.

After a series of national media reports from the New York Times, ABC, CBS and other major outlets about several recent alcohol poisoning cases linked to AEDs, the products are back in the news full-force.

In 2008, a group of state attorneys general, aided by The Center for Science in the Public Interest and other groups, successfully pressured Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors to drop premixed, sweetened alcohol energy drinks from their product lines.

Since then, AEDs with even higher alcohol concentrations, such as Joose and Four Loko, have gained popularity with college-age and younger youth as a cheap and easy way to get drunk. The sugary, fruit-flavored beverages mask the flavor of alcohol, and the caffeine fuels a dangerous perception of being able to “party all night” — that is, drink harder and longer.

Fast-forward to the last few days, with AEDs getting renewed attention from many corners of the media as colleges, state alcohol control boards, and advocacy groups spring into action.

Here are a few current highlights:

Stay tuned, everyone. This story is just getting off the ground.

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