Massachusetts Vacation Spot Plagued by Drug-Fueled Break-Ins

Cape Cod, a favorite Massachusetts vacation destination, is experiencing a rash of property crimes fueled by drug abuse. Local police say many people arrested for stealing items such as GPS devices, iPods, televisions and purses admit they were trying to get money for prescription pills.

In the Cape Cod town of Dennis, Sargeant Cleve Daniels told The New York Times about 75 percent of the property crimes are drug-related. The number of break-ins and burglaries rose from 122 in 2007 to 252 in 2010, while larcenies, or theft of personal property, rose from 256 to 396 during the same period.

The pill of choice for many drug users in Cape Cod is a 30-milligram tablet of oxycodone and acetaminophen, known as Perc 30s, according to Lieutenant Jack Mawn of the Massachusetts State Police. The pills, which sell for about $1 per milligram, often come from Florida, he said.

Carl Wolf, Vice President-Treasurer of the International Chiefs of Police, told the newspaper that police departments nationwide are reporting increases in burglaries and larcenies due to prescription drug abuse. “In talking to police chiefs all over the country, it’s becoming a common problem,” he said.

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    August 12, 2011 at 6:50 PM

    How many doctors on Cape Cod are certified to prescribe buprenorphine? How many methadone treatment centers are there on Cape Cod? If you dont give people opportunities to get help and PUBLICIZE the availability of treatment, which MASSHEALTH will pay for….this is what you get.

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