Lawmaker Wants Kids Banned from Wisconsin Bars

Children have long been able to drink in bars in Wisconsin if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian over age 21, but lawmakers are now looking to curtail the practice, the Chicago Tribune reported Aug. 26.

Citing Wisconsin’s huge problems with drunk driving and the health impact of underage drinking, state Sen. Judy Robson is proposing to limit youth drinking in bars to those ages 18 and older who are with their parents. Bartenders also must agree to serve the underage drinker.

“It’s just a very confusing message to kids, that they’re not allowed to drink, but in some cases they can,” said Robson, who noted that Wisconsin’s underage-drinking exception is the loosest in the country. Even the Tavern League of Wisconsin is reportedly in favor of the Robson bill.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving officials in Wisconsin said the change couldn’t hurt but said that the law should be no drinking under age 21, with no exceptions.

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