Impose E-Cigarette Restrictions, 29 Attorneys General Urge FDA

A group of 29 state attorneys general urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impose restrictions on e-cigarettes, according to The Wall Street Journal. They are asking for a ban on television ads and on candy and fruit flavors.

In April the FDA proposed regulations that would prohibit e-cigarette sales to anyone under 18, but did not ban ads, online sales or candy or fruit flavors.

“While the proposed rule addresses some of our concerns, it fails to address matters of particular concern, such as characterizing flavors, the marketing of e-cigarettes, and the sale of tobacco products over the Internet,” the attorneys general wrote in a letter to the FDA. The group also urged the FDA to strengthen proposed health warnings for e-cigarettes.

Sales of e-cigarettes could top $2 billion in the United States this year, the article notes. Currently e-cigarettes are sold in thousands of flavors, and are advertised on television.

While some public health officials say e-cigarettes can help smokers quit regular cigarettes, the attorneys general warned the devices could become a gateway to nicotine addiction for young people.

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    Jim Dickey

    August 12, 2014 at 3:46 PM

    I believe the same thinking should also be applied to alcoholic beverages: a ban on television ads and on candy and fruit flavors. It’s pretty clear, from the preponderance of studies, that first use of a nicotine product is way more likely to be a regular cigarette rather than an e-cigarette. As far as substance abuse/dependency goes, it’s true that early nicotine use correlates to alcohol and illicit drug use later in life and that alcohol use correlates to illicit substance use. However, correlation is not causality. It’s much more likely that those of us who are likely to experiment with, or abuse, drugs and alcohol are more likely to experiment with and use illicit drugs because of who they are (that is to say, because of their genetic makeup and early life experiences along with normal variances in their neurotransmitter systems) as opposed to some “training” we’ve had in the past with nicotine or alcohol.

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