Google Maps Begins Displaying Medication Disposal Sites

Google maps drug disposal

People looking for a place to drop off unused opioids or other medications can now use Google Maps to find a site, CNN reports.

“Today, we’re making it easier for Americans to quickly find disposal locations on Google Maps and Search all year round. A search for queries like ‘drug drop off near me’ or ‘medication disposal near me’ will display permanent disposal locations at your local pharmacy, hospital or government building so you can quickly and safely discard your unneeded medication,” Dane Glasgow, Google Maps Vice President of Product, wrote in a blog post.

The company said it noticed last month that Google searches for the term “medication disposal near me” reached an all-time high. Google said it has worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Health and Human Services, CVS, Walgreens and state governments on the project.

Take Action to Address Medicine Abuse

It’s up to all of us to take action against medicine abuse. The best place to start is in your own home by storing medications safely and securely, and by talking with your kids about the dangers of medicine abuse.

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