FDA Reprimands Walmart, Convenience Store Chains for Selling Tobacco to Minors

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reprimanded Walmart, Kroeger, 7-Eleven and other chain stores for selling tobacco products to minors, CNBC reports.

The FDA gave the chains 30 days to submit a detailed plan explaining how they will reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors. If they continue these sales, the chains will face penalties and fines, the agency said.

“Retailers in particular are on the front lines of these efforts to reduce the health consequences of tobacco use and nicotine dependence,” the FDA said. “Because tobacco use is almost always initiated and established during adolescence, early intervention—including making sure tobacco products aren’t being sold to minors—is critical.”

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    Fr. Jack Kearney, M.Div., CATC IV, CATE

    April 18, 2019 at 3:44 PM

    While I am glad to see a crackdown on retailers, it will do little to curb teen use. Relatively few minors get their tobacco from stores; by the government’s own statistics most get it from family and friends. Kids caught with tobacco face little or no consequences. Having your stuff confiscated and getting a stern lecture is hardly enough of a deterrent.

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