FDA Plans to Regulate E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products, Not Drug-Delivery Devices

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it will regulate smokeless electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, treating them the same as traditional cigarettes.

The FDA said it will not try to regulate e-cigarettes under stricter rules for drug-delivery devices, the Associated Press (AP) reports. E-cigarettes are designed to deliver nicotine in the form of a vapor, which is inhaled by the user. They usually have a rechargeable, battery-operated heating element, a replaceable cartridge with nicotine or other chemicals and a device called an atomizer that converts the contents of the cartridge into a vapor when heated.  E-cigarettes often are made to look like regular cigarettes.

The AP says that the FDA’s announcement, made in a letter to stakeholders, is considered a victory for makers and distributors of e-cigarettes. The devices’ makers say e-cigarettes allow people to smoke without being exposed to the more than 4,000 chemicals in regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been available in the United States since 2006 and are used by several million people worldwide, the article says.

Last year the FDA lost a court case after it tried to treat e-cigarettes as drug-delivery devices, which must satisfy stricter requirements than tobacco products, including clinical trials to prove they are safe and effective. FDA tests found that the liquid in some e-cigarettes contained toxins besides nicotine, as well as cancer-causing substances found in tobacco, the AP reported. Some public health experts say the level of the cancer-causing agents is similar to those found in nicotine replacement therapy, which contains nicotine extracted from tobacco.

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    May 8, 2015 at 7:36 PM

    This is just another example of the politically correct insane running the asylum. Now that we have e-cigs, the anti-smoking crowd has shown their hypocrisy and that their goal was never about public health, the cost of medical care, or saving children. I was simply a politically correct effort to control the behavior of others. e-cigs are perfectly safe and all have the option of coming without nicotine. Therefore, if I want to engage in the act of smoking as a free US citizen and smoke a e-cig without nicotine, who is the gov’t or anyone else to tell me no. So what if e-cigs promote the act of vaping. Big deal. All these groups ever talked about was how it wasn’t fair to others because non-smokers had to pay the medical cost of smokers (I’m still waiting to someone to explain that argument to me. When I get sick, my insurance – that I pay for – covers it and I am sent the bill for the difference. How, therefore, is anyone else paying for my medical bills? That’s as ridiculous as saying that salad eaters are paying for my lobster because it is a more expensive meal). They also complain that it isn’t fair to force the danger of second hand smoke on others. Well, e-cigs w/o nicotine do none of that. Let’s face it folks, it was never about health and always about the fact that the simple act of smoking drives these politically correct elitist loonies insane (well not really, because they are insane anyway) and they would ban this act even if it were perfectly safe. This is not freedom and this is no longer the USA that was founded on the basis of freedom and individual responsibility.

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    D King

    September 17, 2014 at 12:05 AM

    I would like to point out that every container I have received either in the mail or in a vape shop “Even empty bottles for mixing my own juice” are child proof. Even all the bottles I have seen online and the ones my friends have. Hell i haven’t even seen a non child proof bottle yet. The vape shops I go to will not even allow you in unless you are 18 or older. You need to look at the parents of these kids and punish them for allowing their children to get a hold of the juice. It is harmful if you drink it just like any cleaning product or medication.

    As for the “they don’t tell us what’s in the juice” actually they do just not on the bottle contact any maker they will tell you the same thing vg pg nic and flavors. I am also learning a lot of the flavoring is all natural as well. Go look in your kitchen cabinets and tell me how many products you find that have artificial flavor added? What about harsh preservitives? E juice doesn’t need preservatives vg and pg both have antibacterial and antiviral qualities. So before you try to tax the crap out of my vape juice look around your house and think how it would be for you if the government decided to tax everything that had anything artificial or potentially harmful. Candy sweets artificial sweeteners soda bread veggies sprayed with pesticides basically everything in your kitchen medicine cabinet. What we really need is public awareness about everything e cig. The good and the bad. I also agree more reaserch should be done but I think it should be done by independent labs that have no stake in the issue. As for second hand vape give me a friggen break unless your making out with me while I vape your not getting any just the pleasant smell of vanilla custard. 🙂

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    August 7, 2014 at 3:57 AM

    These e-liquids people are so “scared” of contain four types of ingredients. 1. Vegetable Glycerin 2. Propylene Glycol 3. flavoring 4. nicotine. That simple. Things already found in our food and products we use in our every day life. Most if not all companies have child proof caps now and do not sell to minors at all. This fear mongering has to stop. The FDA would kill the vaping industry over night and put many businesses out in the cold. Regulation of these products at the extent they want would only leave these smokers who want to leave the cigarettes behind at the mercy of the tobacco companies again. Vaping has helped so many people quit including myself. Please explore the facts and ignore the junk science these companies are putting out there to deter people from using e-cigs.

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