DEA Tip Line in Atlanta Allows Public to Report Potential Prescription Drug Abuse

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Atlanta is encouraging the public to text or call them to report suspicious activity that may indicate prescription drug abuse, according to CNN.

The public can anonymously text or call in messages to the DEA, which will investigate the tips.

Harry S. Sommers, the Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Atlanta Field Division, said in a news release, “This method of communication is a great opportunity for the public to anonymously engage in the fight against state-wide prescription drug abuse while keeping up with today’s technology. The illegal prescription drug market and relative ease of which pharmaceutical substances can be obtained has resulted in a sharp increase in prescription drug abuse throughout Georgia. DEA and its federal, state and local partners are fully committed to combating this growing issue.”

When the program, called TIP411, becomes active, the DEA will send educational packets to 1,200 pharmacies in the Atlanta area. The packet will include information for pharmacists about prescription fraud and a brochure for the program. The brochure advises pharmacists to be on the lookout for customers who come back often, or who come in with a prescription for a stimulant and a depressant at the same time. The DEA also warns about prescriptions with all the words spelled out, or with perfect handwriting. Doctors generally use abbreviations, and write quickly, the brochure notes.

Philadelphia is experimenting with a similar program.

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    pat Hazlin

    July 20, 2015 at 12:14 PM

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