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    Journal article

    Family involvement in treatment and recovery for substance use disorders among transition-age youth: Research bedrocks and opportunities

    Journal of Substance Abuse and Treatment

    Published: May 2021


    This article presents a narrative review and conceptual framework for research on family involvement across the continuum of substance use disorder (SUD) services for transition-age youth (ages 15–26). Though families are powerful resources for enhancing treatment and recovery success among youth with SUDs, they are not routinely included in clinical practice. This article summarizes youth SUD prevalence and service utilization rates and presents developmental and empirical rationale for increasing family involvement in services. It then describes key research issues on family involvement across the SUD services continuum: Problem Identification, Treatment Engagement, Active Treatment, Recovery Support. Within each phase, it highlights bedrock research findings and suggests promising opportunities for advancing the scientific knowledge base on family involvement. The main goals are to endorse family-oriented practices for immediate adoption in routine care and identify areas of research innovation that could significantly enhance the quality of youth SUD services.

    Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2021.