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What is methcathinone?
A stimulant that is a structural analogue of methamphetamine and cathinone. It is clandestinely manufactured from readily available chemicals.1

What are some slang terms for methcathinone?

What does methcathinone look like?
Methcathinone is a white or off-white crystalline powder.

How is methcathinone used?
It is most commonly snorted, although it can be taken orally by mixing it with a beverage or diluted in water and it can be injected intravenously.2

What do young people hear about it?
Methcathinone produces amphetamine-like activity.

What are the risks of methcathinone use?
Methcathinone produces amphetamine-like activity. Little scientific research is available on the long-term effects of methcathinone.2

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