Vaping Rates Among Teens and Young Adults Have Fallen During Pandemic

    A new survey has found vaping rates among teens and young adults have dropped significantly during the pandemic.

    Researchers at Stanford University found 32% of teens and young adults who used e-cigarettes said they quit this year, while another 35% said they had cut back on vaping, HealthDay reports.

    One-fourth of survey respondents who cut back or quit said concerns about lung health were a major factor in their decision, the researchers reported in JAMA Network Open.

    The researchers conducted a nationwide online survey in early May, with more than 4,300 participants ages 13 to 24. Almost 2,200 of the participants said they had used e-cigarettes.

    Those who adhered to stay-at-home mandates were 50% more likely to quit or reduce their e-cigarette use. Only about 15% of those who cut down or quit said they did so because they were concerned their parents would find out they vape, the survey found.

    By Partnership Staff
    December 2020


    December 2020