Two Airlines Delay Resuming Alcohol Sales Following Incidents with Unruly Passengers

    American Airlines and Southwest Airlines announced they will delay resuming alcohol sales following incidents involving unruly passengers, USA Today reports.

    American Airlines suspended alcohol sales in late March 2020 to limit interactions between passengers and flight attendants during the pandemic. In a memo to flight attendants, the airline said economy passengers will not be able to order alcohol until at least September 13. Previously, the airline had announced it would end its suspension on alcohol sales in the economy cabin this summer, but had not announced a date.

    The airline will continue to offer alcohol to first class and business class passengers in-flight.

    Southwest Airlines also reversed its plan to resume alcohol sales this summer after an increase in violent incidents with passengers. In one incident, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant lost two teeth after allegedly being assaulted by a passenger. The airline did not announce when it plans to restart alcohol sales.

    Other airlines, including Delta, Spirit and Alaska Airlines, have resumed selling alcohol. United planned to start selling beer, wine and White Claw hard seltzer in the economy cabin on June 1.

    By Partnership Staff
    June 2021


    June 2021