Three of Four Women Drink Before Sex, Survey Finds

    Many women say they prefer to drink alcohol before having sex because it makes them more confident about their sexuality and lowers their inhibitions, the Melbourne Herald-Sun reported Sept. 24.

    Three out of four women surveyed — including both married and single women — said they like to drink before sex, and about half said they liked being tipsy during sex because it lowers their inhibitions. Six percent of the 3,000 women said they had never had sex while sober, while 14 percent said they can’t sleep with their significant other without drinking first.

    The women surveyed had an average of eight sex partners, and had been drunk when having sex with at least five of the eight.

    “The fact alcohol plays an integral role in their love lives shows that women are looking for a boost in self-esteem when it comes to their bedroom antics,” said Kathryn Lakeland of Femfresh, the firm that conducted the survey. “But in doing so many women will be losing self-control, and this is when drunken one-night stands are more likely to occur.”