Policymakers Call for More Regulation and Oversight of Marijuana

    As more data emerges on marijuana’s health effects, policymakers are seeking to increase regulation and oversight of the loosely regulated marijuana marketplace, Politico reports.

    Recently, studies have shown evidence of an increase in children accidentally ingesting edibles; a possible link between legalization of recreational cannabis and an increase in asthma in teens; and a rise in simultaneous use of marijuana and alcohol in young adults.

    Even some legislators who have been most supportive of marijuana legalization are seeking more regulation, including the co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Dave Joyce (R-Ohio).

    “One of the reasons I have fought so hard to be able to legalize, regulate and tax is because I want to keep this out of the hands of young people. It has proven negative consequences for the developing mind,” Blumenauer said. He and Joyce are discussing advertising restrictions designed to protect children, standards on dosing, and mandates for childproof containers for marijuana edibles.

    Last month the Food and Drug Administration announced it will not regulate CBD supplements because of a lack of evidence on their safety.


    February 2023