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The Latest News from Our Field

We curate a digest of the latest news in our field for advocates, policymakers, community coalitions and all who work toward shaping policies and practices to effectively prevent substance use and treat addiction.

DEA raids on medical-marijuana dispensaries could end, with the federal government leaving enforcement of state medical-marijuana laws to the states, Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to indicate in recent comments to reporters.
The New York state legislature is poised to repeal its Rockefeller-era drug laws, sweeping away the last of a set of harsh mandatory sentences in place since the 1970s.
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America announced the findings from the 2008 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, (PATS) which revealed the first major increase in the number of teens who reported 'learning a lot' about the risks of drugs from their parents.
The International Narcotics Control Board's annual report includes a warning against potent pot and calls for greater controls on Internet pharmacies, but also says that opiate-based painkillers need to be made more available globally.
States across the U.S. are considering proposals to ease restrictions on alcohol sales in hopes of boosting tax revenues in a challenging fiscal environment.
A new grant program from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) will provide funding to develop interactive games that improve health behaviors and outcomes.