The Latest News from Our Field

We curate a digest of the latest news in our field for advocates, policymakers, community coalitions and all who work toward shaping policies and practices to effectively prevent substance use and treat addiction.

States across the U.S. are considering proposals to ease restrictions on alcohol sales in hopes of boosting tax revenues in a challenging fiscal environment.
A new grant program from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) will provide funding to develop interactive games that improve health behaviors and outcomes.
Grants of up to $75,000 are available to current Drug-Free Communities programs that can provide mentoring services to new or developing community anti-drug coalitions.
The trade association for the computer and video game industry has announced the availability of grant funding for programs that advance the quality of life, health and welfare of youth.
The 'winners' at the 'Hackademy Awards' differed from the films honored at this week's Oscars -- and the recipients didn't show up to pick up their awards. But the name of the program designed to raise awareness about smoking in movies, didn't sit well with the organizers of the Academy Awards.
A new report issued by a coalition of public-health organizations says that Big Tobacco is targeting women and girls with aggressive marketing campaigns that only new legislation from Congress can help address.
The Prisoner's Family Conference is an opportunity for all who work with and serve children and families, as well as those in professions addressing issues affecting the prisoner’s family, to learn together and initiate action to elevate the prisoners' family to integral, valuable and valued membership in the mainstream community.
Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is reportedly the top candidate for the job of Department of Health and Human Services secretary.