Hazelden Foundation Absorbs Johnson Institute Programs

    The Hazelden Foundation Center for Public Advocacy has taken over marketing of the key programs and products of the Johnson Institute, a venerable resource center for the addiction and recovery community.

    “The Johnson Institute has pioneered many of the intervention and training tools used across the country today to help people find hope and healing from their problems,” said Mark Mishek, Hazelden’s president and CEO.

    “Hazelden is committed to further expanding the Johnson Institute’s influence so that more people are educated not just about the problem, but about the solution.”

    The Johnson Institute was founded in 1966 and produces programs and materials on early intervention, family involvement in recovery, and community support. In 1998 the group sold more than 140 publications to Hazelden under a distribution deal.

    “We want to keep the Johnson Institute¹s legacy alive for future generations,” said Johnson Institute chairman Mike Sime, commenting on the latest agreement. “From the beginning, ours is a history intimately linked to Hazelden’s, and with our programs and products we believe Hazelden will impact more people who need help and hope.”

    By Partnership Staff
    March 2009


    March 2009