More Than Half of Americans View Addiction as Disease: Survey

    A new survey finds 53 percent of Americans view addiction as a disease, the Associated Press reports. Fewer than 20 percent are willing to closely associate with someone with a drug addiction, according to the survey.

    The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey found more than 10 percent of Americans say they have had a relative or close friend die from an opioid overdose. The survey found a majority of Americans don’t think their local community is doing enough to address the problem, while two-thirds said decision-makers should make treatment programs more affordable and accessible.

    Forty-three percent of those surveyed said the use of prescription pain drugs is a serious problem in their community, up from 33 percent two years ago. About 37 percent say heroin is a serious concern locally, up from 32 percent in 2016.

    Help End The Stigma of Addiction

    Addiction is a chronic disease. Let’s treat it that way. The sense of isolation that families feel when struggling with addiction is unconscionable and we must change that by speaking out and ending the stigma of addiction.

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    April 2018