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    Featured Commentary: Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and Center on Addiction are Merging

    Dear friends,

    To many, the beginning of a new year represents a wealth of new opportunities. The opportunity to start fresh. The opportunity to transform. The opportunity to grow. Writing to you just a few weeks into 2019, I am excited to share that here at Center on Addiction, we are taking this message to heart – quite literally. We are continuing to transform and continuing to grow in order to better serve all those impacted by addiction. With that in mind, I am proud to announce that as of January 1, 2019, we have merged with Partnership For-Drug Free Kids.

    This merger is the result of a lot of deep reflection on both organizations’ parts, as well as a desperate need from our country for more leadership in the movement to end addiction. Last year, we witnessed a record number of deaths due to drug overdoses. That is unacceptable. To make a significant impact and save lives, we need more compassion and more innovation. By combining our two organizations, we now have the comprehensive tools we need to truly fulfill our mission: Center on Addiction is dedicated to transform how our nation addresses addiction.

    Partnership’s expertise, including iconic public service advertising and direct-to-family resources, perfectly complements our 26-year legacy of groundbreaking research.

    Now, it’s time to get to work as one, unified front in the face of the largest drug epidemic in U.S. history. Over the next several months, you will likely see additional changes from us as we integrate with Partnership. We aim to keep you updated on our progress via regular emails. We also welcome you to visit the FAQs page of our website or read the press release to learn more.

    Please keep in mind, throughout this time of transition and beyond, our highest priorities continue to be empowering families, advancing effective addiction-care, shaping public policies that prevent and treat addiction as a public health issue, and transforming the national conversation about addiction. In fact, we are confident this merger will better enable us to accomplish our goals!

    Together, we can end addiction. Thank you for joining us.

    Best regards,

    Creighton Drury
    CEO of Center on Addiction