DEA Says Prescription Drugs Stolen by Looters From Pharmacies Could be Sold Illegally

    Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials in southern California say they are concerned that prescription drugs stolen from pharmacies by looters earlier this month could end up being sold on the streets, CBS Los Angeles reports.

    At least 177 pharmacies in Los Angeles and Riverside counties were targeted by looters during recent protests, according to the DEA. “It’s a bit scary,” Special Agent Bill Bodner said. “So far, I’ll be honest with you, 500,000 doses missing, and that’s with about one-third reporting; 500,000 doses missing of what are some pretty powerful controlled substances.”

    Bodner said he worries that because so many counterfeit drugs have been sold illegally in the past two years, exposure to real prescription drugs could have deadly results.
    “That’s kind of my fear is that people will buy these pills not knowing exactly what they are,” he said. “Their dosing may not be correct, they may take more than they should and we could see an overdose problem as well.”


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    June 2020

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