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The Partnership was founded by the advertising industry (read Our Story), and creating memorable, effective – and even iconic – public service campaigns to educate the public about substance use has long been a vital part of our work.

Our ads are produced and aired entirely pro bono by advertising and media partners committed to making a difference and helping families in need.

Current Ads

You can find all of our current ads, along with many more video resources on our YouTube channel. Use built-in sharing features to help us reach even more families who could benefit from our tools and resources. If you have media space you’d like to donate, please let us know.

Families Can Heal, 2017

Is your son or daughter struggling with prescription pain relievers, heroin or other opioids? Learn about medication-assisted treatment and whether it could work for your family.

We’re All in Recovery, 2017

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to treatment and recovery. Finding the right type of program for your loved one begins with understanding what’s available.

Need to talk with someone about your child's substance use?

Connect with a trained parent counselor who will listen and help you find answers. All communications are free and confidential.

Awkward Silence, 2016

Get answers and support from our Parent Coaches, moms and dads who have been affected by a child’s substance you – just like you – and received special training to help others along the journey.
Embrace, 2016

You are not alone. Read our Parent Blog to hear and learn from others who have dealt with the same challenges and heartaches.