People Say I Should Throw My Child Out But This Doesn’t Feel Right. What Should I Do?

    Thank you for asking this important question. It upsets me when I hear people say to throw your child out of the house. I understand why that doesn’t feel right to you. I have heard the same advice in a variety of support groups, and even from some professionals in the field. This is especially disturbing early in the process, when parents are less knowledgeable, more scared, and desperate for answers. Those suggesting that you kick out your child may have only known about your family’s situation for five minutes!

    It’s hard to stay calm, but expressing love and support for them keeps the door open for conversation when things settle down. We wouldn’t throw someone out if they had cancer or diabetes. However, if you are seriously being threatened and don’t feel safe that’s another matter. It may be necessary to call the police.

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    January 2018

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