Demand Insurance Coverage of Addiction Treatment

There is already a law in place, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (Parity Act), to protect your child’s mental health and substance use disorder benefits. By law, the Parity Act requires your health plan to apply equal coverage to mental health and substance use as they do for other medical and surgical benefits. But unfortunately, millions of families still struggle to get insurance coverage for treatment. And those same families, in a time of crisis, are uncertain of the rights and coverage available to them.

Families are being denied coverage, denied medication for treatment and denied continual, individualized care. Families are faced with roadblocks at every turn in navigating the process and finding the relevant information in health plan documents.

We can no longer accept that benefits for substance use disorder are denied. Denial of care and treatment is a contributing factor to the 200 lives lost each day due to overdose. Sign our petition to enforce the Parity Act and demand coverage for addiction treatment.

Sign on to help us demand the insurance coverage for addiction treatment that Americans are already legally entitled to.

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Check out Don’t Deny Me to learn about patient rights under the Federal Parity Law and Parity Track to learn more about best practices and monitor implementation of the Federal Parity Law.

Visit Parity Registry to find detailed appeals guidance and register complaints against health plans after being wrongfully denied coverage for mental health or addiction treatment services.