Southwest Behavioral & Health Services

    Southwest Behavioral & Health Services offers an array of programs to meet the unique needs of the Arizona communities served.

    Programs & services include:

    • Substance use prevention services, community outreach and school-based counseling
    • Assistance for persons with addiction
    • Opioid replacement clinics throughout the state that are working tirelessly to save lives and help alleviate the crisis
    • Outpatient mental health treatment and psychiatric services including medication monitoring
    • Intensive inpatient care for persons in crisis
    • Residential housing, in-home and supported housing services
    • Services throughout the lifespan for members with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Southwest Behavior & Health Services continues to foster a whole healthcare model by seeking out opportunities and innovative approaches to treatment that focus on integrated care at its core.

    Thalia Williams
    602-305-7126 x3352

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    September 2019