The Truth for the Youth.

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What I want to do is I want to reach out to the youth in this message. Because that's when I started.

At the age of 13, I became a drug addict. I started off with a drug you wouldn't even think that some kid would start off this way. Many people see weed as a gateway drug. For me, nope I jumped straight to cocaine. Yup that started off as my drug of choice.

And at 14 going on 15 I started snorting heroin. After it got too expensive snorting it, I started shooting it. I became an IV user and watched my life go straight down hill from there. I stayed a heroin addict until I was 26 years old.

And of course my road to recovery was far from easy. It was the hardest thing I tried to do. But after many relapses, I was able to get it together. I am 36 right now, and am in a happier place in my life.

Being messed up like that I was able to see first hand what all these drugs were doing and did to the youth of America at that time. I seen young ladies do things they would have never done if they weren't on dope. Seen young men do the same. These young ladies just gave themselves away, let themselves go.

I look back on all that now and truly wish I didn't put myself through that. Yes we all have to live and learn, but to go about it through being a drug addict. Being addicted to many things like heroin, coke, ecstasy, meth, liquor and so on and so on. don't do it it's not worth it. There are better things for someone to do in their life then to be a drug addict. I tell you man I wish I can go back.

To all you young people out there, I know that deep down inside you think you know best for yourself but truthfully you don't. Look at your life look at what your parents or those that have raised you what they have tried to instill into you. If you could stay away from the dope if you could stay away from the bad influences, finish high school and just get yourself into a good college you will look back on your life and say oh my goodness did I do the right thing? Yes! O yes I did!

I mean come on you see all these people like myself who have these stories and yet if that does not affect you then what will? Do you want to have nothing all your life? I know people who are in their 40s who's still live at home with mom no girlfriend no wife, kids all over the place can't help their kids raise their kids be responsible financially for their kids.

I stole, I hustled, I lied, I burned, I did so much things I should be dead right now. Somebody could have killed me I could have killed myself which I almost did I overdosed so many times I almost exploded my heart from doing too much coke at once. I think the reason why many of our stories is because its not that were ashamed of our past because truthfully deep down right now I'm not ashamed of it I'm not totally proud of it but I'm proud that I can look back and tell people about what went on in my life.

If there is anything that I can do in this life it is to reach out to somebody like you or you or her,and get you to really think 16 17 18 times about doing that drug for the first time. Thinking I don't want to do that drug. being a 13 year old drug addict, having your family disown you was not fun it was not great it was the worst time of my life but here is when I thought I knew it all. I knew Jack Spit.

So I encourage you to please think about these stories, embed them into your brain and just know that I and many other people like me are trying to keep you from having to go through that  -- don't do it. Peace and much love to you God bless.

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    March 12, 2015 at 11:02 AM

    Congratulations on your recovery, Martin. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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