Shinny Side of Shit

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Drug abuse is like "excuses & butts ; they both stink"  My mother didn't understand what P.A.W. meant. So I told her its like if I told you I'm going to take away all your yarn and needles so you are not able to crochey or make blanket,pillows,etc. anymore. Then I asked her how that would make her think and feel ? She said she would get the cast iron skillet out and make me give them back. I told her see what I mean about wanting something you have chosen and allowed to be a priority in your life. Anything can become an addiction. Some become regrets. I have no regrets, I have become proud of everything I've done. It's what help make the person I am today.  "Life is not measured by the breathes we take everday"    "Ir's measured by the moments that take your breath away"   My father was with me the day I took my first breath. I was with him 2 years ago when he took his last breath and my breath away at the same moment. I now love life as much as I loved drugs and alcohol . It's all in your head. IF you can put something in your head then you can take it out but no one can do it alone. You must get support and help.

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