Prescription drugs controlled my life

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I started out in a good home,my father was controlling so I didn't like to drink cause they would know so drug use I could hide...I started smoking pot when I was 15 by the age of 16 I would do any kind of drug I come across...mainly pot,LSD, n big fan of dummydust (mescullan)...and this continued on even tho at the age of 18 I had gotten a girl pregnant...I still worked everyday but drugs were becoming more important all the time n didn't realize the age of 20 a friend of mine was in an accident n he got percosets n that was my first taste of 22 I hjad 3 kids to the same girl n s good job but still loving the way pills made me feel...before I knew it I started into riddalan in the morning to get me up n on the go for work by mid day I would switch over to either morphine perks or my favorite oxycontant...I loved an oxy 80 more than anything....but by this time I couldn't function without painpills...I had to have them for working goin to the rink with kids or any school events I couldn't function without them...I lied n did whatever was necessray to have my pills daily...I couldn't hack withdrawels...this went on until at the age of 33 my sister convienced me to see her doctor...dr laveque I owe my life to he got me on methadone n it was a slow process but I'm 37 now n been clean for 4 years n off of methadone for almost 2 years it can be done trust me I love routine n habits are soo hard for me to break but I did it n so can anyone who puts there mind to it... Its worth it life will get better I know

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    December 9, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    I think it is a gross mistake to take a true saenemttt, mothers are more ready to see addiction as a disease that needs treatment and then let that lead to conclusion that therefore, continue to focus energy on communicating to mothers. I am an educated woman, who also thought my son's addiction was treatable, but my husband's ignorance, and control of the purse strings of our family, kept my son from getting help, kept our family in conflict, and eventually drove the entire family over a cliff. You cannot skip the dad, SORRY, but ignorant or not, he is 1/2 of the equation to getting early and decent treatment.

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