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I have never felt so much pain in my life, and it is difficult to discuss something that takes such a strong hold on your reality. As an active person, I have had many injuries in my life, but none more painful than withdrawal from opioids. My vice was Norcos, Vics, percs... basically, anything and evrything in the opioid family. My major vice was oxy however. I am really glad needles just really disgust me, because I was one step away from heroin. I took so much, though, in pills, that my doctor couldn't believe my liver was funtional. Seven years of constant abuse definitely took its tole, who knows what that will eventually turn in to, but I am lucky to be in good health today.

Obviously, pills were my vice. Those that know the come down and roller coaster, are those that are in too deep. There is nothing as horrible than the up and down of pills. All I can say is, there is a way out. No matter how low I go, and trust me, two fifty-one-fiftys says it all, I can tell you there is hope. Besides support groups that will save your life, Suboxone is a miracle. I suggest all those addicted to opiod research a local councelor. I call it the miracle drug because I know there is no such thing as cold turkey. Suboxone will save your life. In my case, that is literal. If you are deep, and those of you know who you are, I promise there is a way out. See your local Suboxone councelor, and I promise you have a way out. This is all what I want people to kmow. Please pass the word. Suboxone has, and always will be, a miracle. Hopefully it will help many more for years to come.

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    December 9, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    legal but it is a suicidal drug will make you soemnoe your not have seen people go having everything to nothing including me. If my story helps plz comment. Life is the only high you need i promise. This coming from 13 year ex addict. Glad i have a great wife that stuck by side though hell on this stuff. God bless and drink gatorade you will be fine. Spread the word for me.

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