My offbeat path to sobriety

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For years, I had an alcohol and prescription painkiller addiction, and for years I lost friends and got arrested. After my 2nd DUI, I never showed up at jail for my 10 day sentence which was to be followed by 50 days of house arrest. For five years I hid with a warrant and 180 days of jail hanging over my head. I spent every dollar I could scrounge up on oxycontin, Percocet, vicoden, methadone and occasionally heroin.

I would take it first thing in the morning, up my nose regardless of how much aspirin was in it. My life revolved around taking drugs, getting more drugs, and finding money for drugs. I constantly lost money due to shady drug deals, incorrect pills, and the sheer amount of pills I bought. At my highest, I was taking roughly 100 MG per day of oxycodone. I could not get out of bed within12 hours of my last dose. I had no job, pushed my family away, and nearly my significant other. I carried this addiction four months into my first childs’s life, controlling all money in home and being miserable to be around.

To make a long story short, my warrant was eventually served in 2012 on a noncriminal related police call to house, and was fortunate to be allowed to serve my original sentence of 10 days in jail and 50 of house arrest with random testing throughout. The 10 days of withdrawals in jail were terrible, but I had intended on doing pills the minute I got out.

All I talked about in jail was doing pills and getting high. Never once did I intend to quit for good. That is until I found out about the random testing. Despite never being tested once through the 60 days I could have been randomed, I never resorted back to drugs. I made it to day 60 through hell and high-water and found no reason to ever start again.

I have now been clean for over 2 years off opiates, and even longer from alcohol. Both combined are the best decisions I have ever made, even if it was assisted by less than ideal circumstances.

I am now a much better father for my son, and a much better spouse/son/friend/coworker than I ever was when high on pills. I feel healthy, happy, and good about life. I do miss the high for fleeting moments, but its getting less and less every day. ITS HARD TO QUIT, but you can do it! The high isnt worth the lows and how much your life gets messed up!  I will NEVER go back, and am proud to share my story with others if it gives them hope for a better, drug-free life.


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    July 5, 2016 at 2:25 PM

    Thank you for sharing your story, Jonathon — congrats to you on your recovery!

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