Never Knew How Bad ‘This’ Would Get

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To start - I was raised in a perfectly fine, normal family - I went to a private school - had an amazing family and friends... When I was 17 - someone introduced me to cocaine. As smart as I am - I gave it no second thought and tried it. I was instantly hooked - and would end up in rehab over the next 5 years, six different occasions including DUI, Jail time, and would burn so many bridges I couldn't even count. I'm 27 years old now and my life is straight, but I've always wanted to use my experience for youth in today's society to help! If you're young, and are considering starting drugs. Know this: They will take over your life. You will have no control of your destiny no matter what. They will make you do things you never thought capable. I robbed people, I stole from my family, friends, dropped out high school and pretty much lived my prime teen years, and college life age in and out of rehab. In no way was it a fun ride.


I've been off of Cocaine since I was 22 however; that still doesn't mean that once you do get off something highly addicting, that you're ok to do other things. I unfortunately still find myself struggling with alcohol and occasionally opiates. It's not a fun life, and no excuse however; nothing like I used to do. I do think though - that I still wouldn't be struggling had I just said NO to begin with. I was a bright, straight A student, with so much potential and I flushed it all down the drain. All for what? To end up with holes in my nose?


I hope in writing this, that maybe you, the reader will think twice... Maybe for my sake as well - I can lay off my occasional use of prescription drugs, and alcohol. I know what I'm doing isn't smart - but hey... It's the way life is, I guess you never do change.

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