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I am now 47 yrs of age, I am in Recovery after 32+yrs of using illicit drugs & alcohol. I wanted to actually stop years & years ago. But I didn't want to admit failure or weakness. I am Native lady who is proud of my heritage & Culture. I have been taught not to ask for HELP from anyone especially the NON-INDIANS.? So I did just that , I suffered so many years of my using as did my children. I raised 1 daughter & 4 sons. I didn't want to see any of them start this lifestyle, so I decided that was more important than keeping this secret for anymore time. I chose to seek Treatment in 2007, I have been in Outpatient Treatment for many years now. I am so happy I decided to do this for me & my families lives. Especially now cause I have 2 grandchildren now. I didn't want them to be like I was an Alcoholic & drug Users. SO Now I Asked GOD for help, I went to OUTPATIENT Treatment for Opiate Addiction, &  go to meetings at least 2 times a week. I do online recovery whenever possible. I just am so happy with my life now, I want to help whomever I can, not to have to suffer the lifestyle I had for so many years. I will remain in Recovery for the remainder of my life. I love SOBRIETY I am clean & SOBER from Alcohol for 9yrs now, &  Illicit drugs for 6yrs. I love LIFE I am so blessed today.

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