Life After Death

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Hi, my name is Kim and I am a addict. I have been addicted to crack cocaine for 25 years. The first time i got sober was in 2005-2008. I relapsed and with in  6n months i was back on the streets and homeless. While i was sober i had a job working at Quizno, made it to asst. manager and in my sick mind i felt i was not worth of the way my life had become. I did not expose the real reason why i was getting high during this time. I found my way back to reality and went into a 1 month program, this was in 2009. I have been sober since and My llife is amazing. If It was not for me getting to the root of my problem and be honest about it i would alway relapse. It is ok to find what you need in recovery and ask for  help. I have reunited back with my family and i am worthly of having a great life.

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