How drugs took over my life, and how I took it back.

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My name is jacob, and since a young age i have always went out and partied, drank, and did any kind of drugs that i could get ahold of. I grew up with a alcholcic, abuseing mom. So i was always out with my friends trying to have fun. I would drink and smoke weed. Then i started doing shrooms too. At this point these drugs seemed like they were not bad at all. They seemed like everyone was doing them and it did not matter. So the partying and doing these drugs increased and i started to have a urge to get a better, stronger high that these drugs did not give. So i tryed ectasy and liked it then i did cocane, and i started doing these drugs so much it felt like they were not bad at all. Was i real far from reality. Long story short i started doing harion and i moved from my friends to my dads because i needed more money. My dad and sisters i livedwith did not know what i was doing. So now im really hooked on this drug and i am spending 40$ a day on it . So i did a whole 25$ and it had to of been a stronger batch. I go home and at this point i dont remamber nothing. In my 18 year old sisters words she said i came home and told her if i pass out call a ambulance because i dont feel good. So i went in my room and she came to my door and knocked and i did not answer. She kicked it in and i was not breathing and unresponsive. She called the cops and she sat there and had to do cpr on me until the ambulance got there. I died 4 times and in front of my sister they had to shock me and shoot me with adrenalin. I hate myself for this. For the pain my family had to go through and what i put myself through. I went to rehab and got clean and im proud to say ive been clean for 3 years now. These drugs are not worth it. They ruin your life. And anyones around you.

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