God Will Make a Way

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My name is Todd McGill. I had a normal childhood; I hunted and fished a lot. I grew up in a home with two drug-free parents. I did throughout school. When I was 15 I met my first serious girlfriend and was with her for 2 years. She brought me to know my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. During those 2 years my relationship with Him grew.

When we broke up, I blamed God. James 1:2-4 says, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, whenever you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete not lacking anything.” I did not understand that, as Christians, we still face trials and these trials lead to spiritual maturity.

Not long after this things started going downhill. I started smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, and drinking. It wasn’t long before I was arrested for the first time. Before long I was doing other drugs. In 2005, I went to a 30 day treatment program in Tennessee for xanax. I stayed clean for about 30 days after the program. I still haven’t gotten my license back.

Not long after this I got really bad off. It was the first time I ever lived on my own and my roommate took oxycontin. I was already taking pain pills at the time. After a month or so of living with him I started taking them. In no time at all I was snorting 5-8 80’s a day. During this whole time of using them I was still working every day.

After about a year I woke up one day feeling awful. I went to the doctor and they told me my liver was in very bad shape and if I didn’t stop using my liver would shut down. I stopped using for almost a year. In 2008 I started using again but slowly.

I met my wife in 2009. I knew as soon as I met her that I would spend the rest of my life with her. She had some money saved and would buy me anything I asked for including drugs. I was new back in my addiction and it was fun for me. She had no idea how bad my addiction could get. Before long I was back to using every day.

My wife and I moved in together even though we weren’t married. We soon went to Florida to see her family. Everything went great and on the way home I purposed to her. She said yes and things went ok for a while. I was still doing electrical work for my dad. I had worked for him for 9 years. He wanted me to be able to step up and be able to run the company, but because of my drug use I couldn’t and he closed the business. I was devastated. That was the last full time job I had.

On November 20th 2010 my wife and I were married. She was supporting both of us and my habit too. She was fired and we started falling behind on rent and got evicted.

We had nowhere to stay in South Carolina so we moved to Panama City, Florida. I had no way to find drugs and wanted to stop so I told my family and my wife’s family that I had a drug problem. We went to live with one of my wife’s friends for about 2 months. During this time I was taking suboxone. We couldn’t take living with her friend so we moved to a motel and used her unemployment to live on. Since we had to pay to live somewhere now, I couldn’t afford suboxone anymore.

I met a few people at the motel and they could get me Roxy 30’s. After being around them several times that introduced me to shooting up. On September 22nd 2011, I shot up for the first time. This is where things started spiraling out of control.

My wife found a job at a home health agency and I had money to support my habit again. On February 14th our car was repossessed. I used meth for the first time on March 8th 2012. After being awake for 4 days I broke into 2 pharmacies. On March 13th I was arrested for burglary. I spent 3 days in jail before being released on a PR bond. On May 31st 2012, I was sentenced to 18 months probation. I was high when I went to court because I had been awake for 6 days and didn’t want to fall asleep in court. I was supposed to go to probation at 8 the next morning, so I was going to use one more time.

At about 4:45 in the morning I left my friends house to go to the store and I side swiped an ambulance. There was a lady in the back having a baby. I ended up leaving the scene and running out of gas lost in the country. I left my phone at my friends so I pulled over on a dirt road and fell asleep. At 8:30 I was woke up by an officer knocking on the window. She didn’t take me to jail, but gave me a ticket for DUS. I had made it 17 hours on probation.

Soon after in June we got evicted from the apartment we lived in. On June 19th I was arrested for violation of probation and spent 55 days in jail. I was released once my probation transferred to South Carolina and only had 48 hours to leave Florida. I came here without my wife and one month later I was still clean. I went to work and found somewhere for my wife to live. On September 22nd I went to Florida and one hour later I used. My wife and I came back here and about a week later I used again. I kept using until December 14, 2012, when I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

I bonded out on December 16th and on December 18th my grandma offered to bring me to U-turn for Christ in Lexington, South Carolina. I insisted I didn’t have a problem, then later that night; I was arrested for manufacturing meth, possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance times 2, use of synthetic drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. I spent 59 days in Lexington County Detention Center until I was bonded out February 15th.

Things went alright for about 3 days and then I started using again. I decided on February 25th I was going to U-Turn, but before I could make it there I was arrested for the third time on February 22nd. I bonded out for a third time on the 27th and 8 hours later I was at U-Turn. Before I got there, the devil was trying to stop me in any way possible. Now looking back and all these times I was in and out of jail, I can see that God wanted me to change my life. He was not going to stop until He got me. I’m so glad that he wasn’t going to give up on me.

At U-Turn I found a relationship with God I lost 12 years ago. I see now that God didn’t leave me, I walked away from him. I am amazed at how much God has changed me. Even during my addiction, I knew God had a special purpose for me but this just made me use more. I am called to spread the message to active sick and suffering addicts out there. All I know is, wherever God leads me I will follow no matter where it is or what it is doing.

Matthew 23:11 says, “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.” That is what I plan to do, to serve God. So far he has opened up so many doors for me I never thought possible. I never know where the future will take me. I just grab hold of God’s hand and let him lead me through this journey we call life.

So far, God has allowed me to help still sick and suffering addicts and try to help make pseudoephedrine prescription only in the state of South Carolina. I run a page on facebook called Stop Americas Meth Epidemic. It had actually spread to other stated now and others are trying to make it prescription only in their state because of the movement God allowed me to start. I have also become ordained and started Second Chance Outreach Ministries.

I am so blessed that God has given me this opportunity to be able to do all these wonderful things. I cannot wait to see what God holds for me in the future.

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