Escape from the grips of hell

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I am a recovering addict. I have been drug free and off of crack cocaine now for 3 yrs. I was a crack addict and prostitute in the streets for 18 years. If I was awake and breathing I was getting high. I have done every other drug in the world as well, I just preferred crack. It took everything from me. My morals, my integrity, my self worth, my soul and most took four children from me. I spent many different trips to prisons and jails in several different cities crying and begging everyone to help me. What I didn't know at the time is that I was the ONLY one that could help me.I went thru rehabs and short periods of staying clean, only to relapse again.I was blessed once again with a fifth pregnancy. I still couldn't stay clean and ended up fighting for my daughter in the hospital. I remember saying "god, if you let me take her home..I will never hit another piece of crack ccocaine". Three years later I still haven't hit anymore crack cocaine. I am raising my daughter and was given one last chance to become the mother that god knew I could be and the mom I always wanted to be. I am now a full time student working on a double major with a concentration in pyschology. I even made the deans list. Imagine that, me making the deans list at 40 years old. I would have never thought this is how great my life could be. I have a hreat relationship with my first born daughter and I also am the primary caregiver for my disabled father. I am living proof that miracles do happen. There are so many things I could share about my addiction and my recovery, but to keep it simple...I am one of the lucky ones. Not many people can escape from the grips of hell alive. I am truly blessed and pray for other addicts.

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