Drugs Led Me to the Edge of Life

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When I was 12 I started smoking cigarettes. To this day I still wish I hadn't started. When I was 13 I met this friend who had other mates including drug dealers. One time we thought it would be cool to just try one joint which we did. And although we weren't physically addicted -- it was very much emotionally addictive. This began the circle of what seemed like death.

I began doing cocaine just after my 14th birthday. Cocaine then took over my life. I thought I could control it but every day that I did it, the more it began to take over me. I had very bad withdrawal effects and I began to lose my mates over it. And that includes my best friend that I smoked weed with the first time.

When I was 17 it got so bad that I had to do it every hour. I also began drinking heavily. My life came to a stop when I was rushed to the hospital after a heavy dose of both cocaine and alcohol.

I had eaten very rarely and I just began slowly dying. I had passed out outside my house and my family found me there after 10 minutes of being unconscious.

After 2 months I was taken into rehab and I was clean of drugs until I started smoking weed again. But I brought myself into rehab again and did some more time in there.

Now I am fully clean.

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    Patricia G

    July 4, 2016 at 7:26 PM

    Thanks for sharing your story, Ellie! Your sobriety is a priceless gift to your family, your future, and everyone who loves you. I’m sure it still takes a tremendous amount of determination to continue it every day, and I hope you will find the strength to succeed, one day at a time, because in time it will get easier for you and you can leave this difficult chapter of your life behind. I hope and pray that my son is able to have a success story like yours in the near future. Thank you for the spreading your message of hope to all of us that love someone struggling with drug use. Congratulations on your recovery!

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    Megan Fritz

    June 28, 2016 at 2:42 PM

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ellie! Congratulations on your recovery!

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